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Clash of Champions Press Release November 24

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Clash of Champions Press Release November 22

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Clash of Champions Press Release November 21

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Clash of Champions Press Release November 17

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Let’s talk about bagging those medals…


In the interests of good and fair sportsmanship, Inflight Dubai would like to clarify Clash of Champions Formation Skydiving rule 6.7 as follows:

The chief judge reserves the right to refuse entry into A or AA category based on the team or individuals’ previous experience level.
Teams who have previously won A or AA competitions will have the opportunity to enter into the same category if they are currently competing at that category.
Entry into A or AA may be refused if the team appears to be of a much higher experience level and attempting to ‘sandbag’.

DEFINITION of ‘Sandbag’: A tactic used to hide or limit expectations of a team’s or individual’s strength in order to produce greater than anticipated results.

We’ve all seen it before, so don’t be ‘those’ guys!
In order to keep the playing field well matched for all competitors, please use common sense and honest judgement in deciding which category is best for you and your team to enter.
If you have any questions about which category is most suitable for your team, please contact Pete Allum at


Life’s a beach and then you fly…


To everyone competing or thinking of competing at Inflight Dubai Clash of Champions 2015, here are some little extras that we’re throwing in just for you…

  •    Inflight Dubai is pleased to offer all competitors a daily meal throughout the competition in order to keep you energised! We also have additional free entertainment activities on-site at our Margham facility for your down-time in between rounds.
  •    Prizes are not limited to the four Clash of Champions disciplines! We have additional awesome giveaways through mini onsite fun competitions and more.

Finally, the 28th of November will see the Zero Gravity beach resort in Dubai Marina hosting our epic prizegiving event immediately after the final day of the competition. All competitors, organisers and judges are warmly invited to join us for a night of complimentary music, BBQ and drinks.

If you have any questions or suggestions for how we can make your Clash of Champions competition even better, please don’t hesitate to contact us on

Dubai, 31st of May 2015.