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When to Arrive
It is solely your responsibility to arrive on time. As we operate a tight flight timetable late arrivals will almost certainly miss their flights. PLEASE arrive in plenty of time, relax, maybe have a coffee and enjoy a stress free flight experience.Just like catching a plane you MUST arrive and ‘check-in’ BEFORE your actual flight time. You should report to the front desk of your chosen venue AT LEAST 1 HOUR BEFORE YOUR FLIGHT TIME. So, if you choose to fly at 16:00hrs you MUST arrive by 15:00hrs.

Again, please do not be late, as we do not want to see people miss their flights and we are unable to offer refunds.

What to bring with you on the day
If your flight experience payment includes a gift certificate or a voucher, you should bring the original gift certificate or a voucher with you as without it you’ll be unable to fly or receive your discount.It is also vital that you arrive at Inflight Dubai comfortably dressed (avoid collared shirts) and that you bring a pair of lace-up sport shoes. We find that sport clothing (a t-shirt and a pair of skate/running shoes) is ideal. If you don’t have a pair of lace-up sport shoes, don’t worry; we do have appropriate footwear for hire.
If you have long hair we recommend bringing something to tie it up and maybe a brush to use after your flights.
Whilst we do have basic lockers on site, we suggest leaving valuable items at home for real peace of mind. You should be prepared to remove ALL loose items and ALL items of jewelry before flying.

NOTE: The above information is critical. You will fly in extreme wind speeds so it is important that no object can come free. It will damage our fans and motors and destroy your keys or favorite necklace!

Anyone with reasonable health and fitness can fly but do check the list of criteria below before you book. If you are concerned about any of the criteria, just contact us for a chat. We’ll do everything we can to help you fly.
Obviously anyone with a history of neck, back, heart or shoulder dislocation problems should seek advice from their doctor before flying. Under-18s will also require signed permission from a parent or guardian.Everyone who flies must complete a Statement of Risk.

Criteria for flying at Inflight Dubai
You can fly at Inflight Dubai as long as you:

  • If the flyer is less than 6′ tall they cannot weigh more than 230 lbs/105kg.
  • If the flyer is more than 6′ tall they cannot weigh more than 250 lbs/114kg.
  • Are 3 or above. (Flyers must be able to comfortably wear one of our helmets).
  • Are NOT pregnant.
  • Have NOT previously dislocated your shoulder – see below.
  • Are NOT under the influence of alcohol or non-prescribed drugs.
  • Are NOT wearing a hard cast.
  • Have signed permission from a parent or come with supervising adult if under 18.
  • Have signed our Statement of Risk.

And that’s it, and don’t worry if you need to wear glasses or contact lenses, we can supply goggles that can fit over them.

Dislocated shoulders
Whilst flying is an accelerating experience, although still rare the only common injury we tend to see is a shoulder dislocation. This is because you are flying facing downwards with significant pressure on your arms and shoulders. For those with a previous dislocation it is more likely that you are more susceptible to dislocation and our experience shows us that it is about a one percent chance.You should also be aware that if a previous dislocation was spontaneous as opposed to through something like a rugby or road traffic accident, you will be far more susceptible to further dislocations unless you have had corrective surgery.


  • If you have had one or more previous dislocations, you may not fly unless you have had surgical correction or have a signed doctor’s certificate that you need to bring with you.
  • If you have had just one dislocation and it occurred more than ten years ago we suggest you to get advice (and a certificate) from your doctor but you may choose to fly at your own risk.
  • If you have had corrective surgery for a dislocated shoulder and wish to fly, you must consult a doctor.

The only exemption to the above will be to experienced skydivers or tunnel flyers.

Disabled users can fly at Inflight Dubai
We have quite a number of regular customers who are disabled and we will do our very best to fly anyone with a disability. This is usually possible where the disability is physical.Owing to the extra attention normally required we ask that you contact us first and that you take book a ‘Single Package Diamond Plus’ on a weekday as this will ensure we have enough time.

Whilst we cannot guarantee you will fly we can guarantee that we will try our best to help you fly.

If you would like to discuss your specific needs, and how we can help, contact us for further information.

Cancelation, reschedule & no-show policy
If Inflight Dubai cancels.
Inflight Dubai reserves the right to cancel flights at short notice. You can be assured that this would only happen in the event of failure, unscheduled repairs, essential maintenance, or anything outside of our control.
In the event that Inflight Dubai does cancel your booking, it will be rescheduled at the next available time to suit you within the terms of the type of booking.Reschedule.
If you know you will not be able to make your booking, you may reschedule as follows:

  • Bookings with more than a 48-hour notice you may reschedule your flights.
  • Bookings with less than a 48-hour notice you will not be able to reschedule flights.
  • Bookings of one hour, or more (of actual tunnel time) must give a minimum of 72 hours (three days) notice in order to reschedule.
  • Bookings of five hours, or more (of actual tunnel time) requires 168 hours (seven days) notice for rescheduling.
  • In the event we do reschedule your booking within the cancellation period, there will be an administration charge of AED 50.

If you fail to arrive for your flight or fail to reschedule your flight within the times above, your booking will no longer be valid.

Late arrivals.
We urge you to treat a trip to Inflight Dubai, as you would catch a flight. It is rare for us to be able to move you into a later time that day for your flights. This is because we run a busy manifest that is designed to accommodate many different groups on a pre-booked time basis.
We know this leads to disappointment, which is why we URGE you to arrive in plenty of time. Check in at least one hour before and use our local facilities to relax and view before flying.

PLEASE do not forget that the traffic can be really heavy at certain times, allow plenty of time to arrive early so you don’t have to rush.

Gift voucher validity.
All Inflight Dubai vouchers are issued with an expiry date and all flights must be taken on or before that date. It is not possible to make your booking before the expiry date and to fly after the expiry date.
You must bring your voucher(s) to fly at Inflight Dubai with you on the day, without them you will be unable to fly without further payment.
Gift vouchers should be treated as cash so handle it with care as whoever possesses the voucher has the right to purchase.

Refund policy.
Inflight Dubai does not offer refunds.
However, if for some reason you know you will be unable to take the flights, you can transfer vouchers or flights to another person. Contact us for details.

Waiver of Liability
Download Inflight Dubai’s Waiver of Liability 2014