How it works?

Your first adventure with us starts here!

Inflight Dubai packages and booking are provided online. Please refer to the ‘Booking’ link above.

Check In
As a guest at Inflight Dubai, you will go through pre-flight safety and information checks before taking to the wind tunnel. We therefore recommend that you arrive on site AT LEAST ONE HOUR before your confirmed flying time to ensure that you don’t miss your allocated flight.
This will maximise your time with us and leave you relaxed and well prepared for the thrill of your life. You will also be able to browse our merchandise area, some pre-flight refreshments or simply watch as others take to the tunnel.

An Inflight Dubai video and a pre-flight briefing on body control techniques and safety measures will be provided by your dedicated instructor.

Gear Up
Once briefed, flyers are taken to the locker room where a flight suit, safety goggles and helmet are provided. All pockets must be emptied and all jewelry removed. You are advised to wear lace-up sports shoes for your flight (no sandals, flip-flops or open toed shoes) Rental shoes can be hired if necessary.

Flying High
This is it! Enjoy the buzz of freefalling as you step into the thrilling world of Inflight Dubai!

& Debrief
Back to the locker rooms to change whilst sharing your flight experience at a debriefing with your instructor. You will also receive your personalised flight certificate. And since you’re not a beginner anymore talk about how to take your flying experience to the next level because now you’re eligible to be a return flyer.

The flight may be over but you are welcome to stay and relax in our lounge with soft drinks and refreshments, enjoy our complimentary Wi-Fi, visit our merchandise store, or talk to our staff and make another booking to fly with us again at Inflight Dubai.
Or check with your instructor if it’s possible to fly again immediately on the same day.